The Raven and a Writing Blog

I am Jibril and this will be a journey that I hope we both enjoy, whether we reveal Demons or find Angels.


We never lived on tidal-beaten cliffs,

Or felt that dreadful chill,

Yet we felt the jealous eyes of the Sky,

As they gazed upon our love.

Our love was limited though it felt vast,

And the twilight beckoned lovers’ kisses,

That we believed would forever last.

And though we never felt that dreadful chill,

Your breath soon shortened,

And eventually your heart fell still.

They dressed you up in your finest suit,

Your lips no longer blue.

And though my cries were mute,

I still heard every scream.

They said the gods took you too soon,

And as the darkness lingered,

I heard the she-wolf’s somber tune.

My fingers can no longer touch your skin,

They brush only stone.

And I cannot breathe in our sin,

I can only take in the Winter’s Cold.

And yet I know our love was real,

Even though it was taken,

And your kiss I can no longer steal.

We did not live at the Kingdom by the Sea.

We did not know of Annabel Lee.

But our love was much the same,

And your body did Heaven claim,

And my heart did they maim.

Yet our love was more than love,

And neither the angels above,

Nor the demons below the sea

Could take your soul away from me,

For you were my Annabel Lee,

And I wait for you by the sea.


We walked the broken streets,

As the clouds gathered slowly,

Threatening to pour over us.

Our voices filled the silence,

As the cars drove by in slow motion.

The past kept creeping between us,

But we held it off until it faded

When we crawled into bed,

And learned to be lovers.

The countdown started from that moment

When we learned how to love again,

And how we begged the clock to still

With our pleading gazes,

And tight-lipped smiles.

Your hand in mine,

Along my skin,

Caressing my heart,

And touching my soul;

These feelings were long thought

To have been burned and broken.

Yet the hope remained,

When I left you behind

To journey back home,

That we would find each other

And start anew.

The Lost

Here we are, my dear old friend,
Hating each other again,
Loathing and sobbing,
Kissing and drinking poison.
We’ve done this dance for too long,
Yet the suffering doesn’t end,
Regardless of all the refusals.
It continues.

Our happiness is like a star,
Beautiful from far away,
Impossible to reach,
Like the sun,
If we stare too long,
We’ll burn up into ashes.
The ashes are more real
Than the poison.

We’re cut and cauterized the cancer,
Praying that will be the end of it,
Yet it keeps coming back,
Like a hydra,
It just keeps growing heads.
And each one tells of a different
And more damaging failure.

There isn’t enough ocean
To measure our sorrows,
And so we look endlessly from the shore,
Praying for a ship that will never come home.
And as we wait,
we turn slowly to stone,
As our eyes blend with the sea.

It Washes Over Us All

The darkness swells up like a frothing ocean wave,
Turning red as the anger churns and rises.
There is no safe place,
And the only escape is to ride it out.
It consumes like the vast sea is endless,
Swallowing everything up like a rogue wave,
Pounding down resistance and even logic,
Before sweeping away cruelty with the tide.
Stepping down from the highest cliff,
Soaked from the faraway rage,
I step back into myself,
And quietly turn away.

Silent Shore

As gentle as an ocean breeze,

I call out to thee, my beauty.

As soft as the sound of waves,

brushing against a silent shore,

I reach for you, searching for more.

Time is eluding me;

I fear the worst.

I miss memories that have never been,

Searching for faces I’ve never seen,

And dare to dream for something more.

As I wait for thee, my beauty,

As I wait upon this silent shore.

Heart Strings

The ribbon laced around my heart

Forms into a strait-jacket,

Tugging me to places I don’t know where.

It binds me, constricts me,

Tormenting me.

These aren’t the places I wish to see:

Smiling faces,

Uncontrolled laughter,

Hands entwined.

Yet it all feels hollow,

As the pictures fade like old movie reels,

The edges burning before turning to ash.

There are only barren fields now,

Cracked and chipped like paint.

This isn’t where I want to be:




Yet I am safe here,

Alone in my desert.

Still I look to the sky,

With unbidden hope,

That I will find a way home

To those loving arms.


My heart beats like the waves against the shoreline,

Stroking and kissing the shimmering sands.

The pulse is gentle but steady,

Delicately reaching for more.

But my shoreline has crumbled away,

Leaving nothing but watered down memories

That swallow the rhythm.


Let the rain fall down
Flowing like blood
From a suicide tide
Produced by hell-hounds
And the broken

This space is meant for ink
To be turned black
And smudged like lipstick
From prostitute kisses
And the sickened

When the sun collides
With other stars
It will rot away
Like corpse fingers
And hollow hearts

The end is but a fairytale
For the end is never there
And once the climax strikes
It leaves the hopeful forgotten
Like homeless children


It’s a carnival ride
That I didn’t volunteer for.
It’s standing in front of a train,
Waiting for it to screech.
It’s the kind of feeling like I’m
Rabbit Hole
And I can’t climb back out.
It’s reaching for a broken dream,
That winks back at me.
It’s like waiting,
In silence
While I try to make amends.
It’s like I’m losing my mind
While trying to find my soul.
I can’t move forward,
Can’t stay still,
It’s like a crack
Of a church,
While it lays empty and devoid.
I’m drowning in sunshine
And choking on air,
While my eyes burn from starlight.
It’s a sweet agony,
A beautiful misery,
While blood soaks my tongue
And pearls grip my throat.
This thing called Life
Is an endless contradiction
Of delicate cuts
and welcomed scars.

Lover Night

You found me as I slept,

Waking me with your words

As they whispered across my subconscious,

And tempted me to dream.

You kept me cradled in your ethereal embrace,

Speaking softly words I could not understand.

Your eyes glittered with the deaths of hundreds of suns,

Your lips painted with the blood of a thousand moons,

And your face was masked in the dust of stars.

As the ink of the night waned,

I felt your presence grow,

As if you feared my departure.

Even as the fingers of the Sun graced my skin,

I fought to stay within your arms,

Whispering of my loyal love,

As my eyes had an affair with the morning.